Different branches of Science

Posted in on May 11, 2016

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Here we are posting a note on Different branches of Science which is very much important for preparation of various Competitive Exams.
Aeronautics- Science of flight of airplanes
Astronomy- Study of heavenly bodies
Agronomy- Science dealing with crop plant.
Angiology- Study of blood vascular system
Anthology- Study of flower
Anthropology- Study of apes and man
Apiculture- Honey industries
Araneology- Study of spiders
Batracology- Study of frogs
Biochemistry- Study of chemical reactions in relation to life activities
Cardiology- Study of heart
Craniology – Study of skulls
Cryptography- Study of secret writing
Cryogenics- Study concerning with the application and uses of very low temperature
Cytology- Study of cells.
Dermatology- Study of skin.
Ecology- Study of relationship between organisms and environment.
Entomology- Study of insects.
Etiology- Study of cause of insects.
Eugenics- Study of improvement of human race by applying laws of heredity
Evolution- Deals with the study of origin of new from old.
Exbiology- Deals with life or possibilities of life beyond the earth.
Floriculture- Study of flower yield plants.
Geology- Study of condition and structure of the earth
Genetics- Study of heredity and variations
Gerontology- Study of growing old.
Gynaecology- Study of female reproductive organs
Horticulture- Study of garden cultivation.
Haematology- Study of blood.
Hepatology- Study of liver.
Iconography- Teachings by pictures and models.
Immunology- Study of resistance of organisms against infection.
Jurisprudence- Science of law.
Kalology- Study of human beauty.
Mycology- Study of fungi.
Myology- Study of muscles.
Nephrology- Study of kidneys.
Neurology- Study of nervous system.
Numismatics- Study of coins and medals.
Obstetrics- Branch of medicine dealing with pregnancy.
Oneirology- Study of dreams
Ophthalmology- Study of eyes
Omithology- Study of birds
Osteology- Study of bones
Palaeontology- Study of fossis
Philately- Stamp collecting
Philology- Study of languages
Phonetics- Concerning the sounds of a language
Physiography- Natural phenomenon
Pedology- Stydy of soils
Pathology- Study of disease causing organisms
Phycology- Study of algae
Physiology- Science dealing with the study of functions of various parts of organisms
Pisciculture- Study of fish.
Pomology- Study of fruits
Seismology- Study of earthquakes
Sericulture- Silk industry
Serpentology- Study of snakes
Taxonomy- Study of classification of organisms
Virology- Study of virus

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