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Edu Mithra

Description :

International Spelling Bee competitions provide a platform to cater and promote learning through entertainment. Its purpose is to help students improve their spelling and pronunciation, increase their active vocabulary, learn novel concepts and develop usages that will help them face the world. Living in the present scenario where everybody follow the ‘text-speak’, International Spelling Bee competitions focus on reviving a lost tradition. Spellings are and have always been pivotal in learning English – the Lingua Franca.

The relevance of English as a language is not new to the present world as is the importance of Spellings. Spellings have a great say on your reputation; knowing the correct spellings can provide you with credibility. Edu Mithra International Spelling bee is a fun packed learning experience embarking on a journey filled with excitement.

Edu Mithra draws strength by collaborating with The Union Christian College, Aluva, Kerala, India, a protege’ of The Mahatma Gandhi University known for its excellence in the field of education. The Department Of English takes prides in being one of the oldest departments in the college established since 1921. The Head of the Department Dr. Jacob George, along with a team of vibrant and competent faculty, spearheads the development of the resources and materials sufficient for its proper functioning. The Department offers training for the competition which will help students to be ready and remain confident while tackling each rounds in the competition.

Competition Structure

International Spelling Bee is designed in such a way as to test the participants regarding their skills in myriad ways. The competition is structured as comprising of multiple levels for different categories. It includes students from all age grows beginning from grade 1 to grade 12. Our venture becomes unique because we feel that language should not be restricted to certain age, so we welcome all officially to take part in this competition irrespective of their age.

Yes, its open to all!

The same structure will be followed through out for the Preliminary, Intermediate and Final level competitions.

Initially we aim at conducting the competition through an online mode which will ensure easy and maximum participation. All you need is a computer and an easy and fast access to the net. As you proceed after each level the degree of difficulty will gradually increase. All the students have to do is, log In to our webpage and register their names. The students who e-qualify the preliminary round will be allowed go on for the next.


Category 1: Grades 1&2

Category 2: Grades 3&4

Category 3: Grade: 5-7

Category 4: Grade 8-10

Category 5: Grade 11&12

International Spelling Bee will be an online competition. It means the candidates can part-take in the competition online and all you need is a computer and internet. The levels of the competition will vary in the degree of difficulty. Students all over the world can register for the International Spelling Bee through the official website. The students have to e-qualify in a preliminary test in order to qualify for the International competition.


Based on the categories of the International Spelling Bee Competition the aspirants should mention to which category they belong and provide details proving their age during the time of verification.

What do student achieve?

The benefactor in this whole competition is undoubtedly the students for whom moving into different dimensions of language will become a cake walk. They will develop their confidence and be at par with the Global audience. It will also cater in enhancing Brain Activity.

Training Methodology

Our brain has an immense capacity to excel beyond our imagination. The neuroplastic nature of the brain allows us to expand and enlarge to the highest level of imagination we can possibly have. The more we nurture it the more fruitful we could be. Edu Mithra provides you with the challenge of competing with yourself to explore the immense potential hidden within. International Spelling Bee competition though it sounds like a spelling test, it is something more than a mere vocabulary training.

The brain learn new words and spellings through continuous practice which involves systematic reading and effective guidance. Edu Mithra provides training materials which will guide you in every step of learning. The training sessions will be interactive, activity based and learner centered as it focuses on innovative and creative learning techniques.

The practice test and quizzes we provide will enable every student to test and track their performance from time to time. We provide you with facilitators who can guide you and help you with your queries.

Detailed Information: Click here for more details

About Edu Mithra

Edu Mithra Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd. stands committed towards providing the best platform for learning. We nurture upcoming talents transforming them into legends.

The Mission of Edu Mithra as the word suggests is to build a strong foundation for the students by providing opportunities to explore and discover the wonders of the world around, through an interactive and activity based model in which learning is no more a spectator sport.

“Tell me, I will Forget, Teach me I may Remember, Involve me, and I will Learn“.

These words by Benjamin Franklin reflect on the functioning of Edu Mithra where learning is made an experience.

Edu Mithra offers a variety of platforms to children to exhibit their talents, explore new horizons of knowledge and to get themselves transformed into a new way of looking at things, a way that will nurture their talents, enhance their skills and take them to the shores of ultimate glory.

Our ventures includes International Space OlympiadInternational Health Olympiad, Maestro Math, Science Safari, Math Safari, Space Safari, Vedic Math Training, PSC Training etc. All these competitions and their training is designed in such a way as to enhance and bring the best out of our aspirants.

The feedback received after each program has always been an inspiration for us to grow and achieve heights. Our success story is written touching on the strong brick foundation that includes our support system and is cemented by the unique and original ideas.

Edu Mithra In a Nut Shell

Edu Mithra is a distinct scientific educational venture promoting the interest of young generation on advanced learning in various subjects like Mathematics, Science, English etc. and aspires at developing their innate abilities to transform them to innovative thinkers.

“I am a part of all that I have met; 
Yet all experience is an arch wherethro’ 
Gleams that untravell’d world whose margin fades 
For ever and forever when I move.” (TENNYSON) 

Edu Mithra intends to take young minds beyond the limits of textbooks, academic curriculum and motivate them. We wish to widen their horizons to unexplored fields of knowledge that would equip them for a promising future.

We believe in creating a young and an energetic generation who excels in all fields of knowledge. Such an intellectual illumination can be done in the minds of students by introducing  them to scientific aptitude oriented learning techniques. We view this as the need of the hour, because bringing up young talents and nourishing their ingenuity is an act of creating a better nation. We implement those techniques through interesting programs of Edu Mithra.

Edu Mithra offers a myriad of unique programs to students of all ages to exhibit and nurture their talents that will take them to glory. We organize many competitions based on various topics of interests such as Space Science, Science, Mathematics, English and Mental abilities. We also offer training on various subjects that will ignite a spark in children to build confidence and achieve higher in the field of their passion and lead them to a better life.

Edu Mithra, has gained immense popularity and growth through various programs in a very short span of time. We are looking forward to be one among the top educational ventures in India and we believe our plans and strategies will take us to our goal through the quality we provide.

Knowledge, Its Matters !

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