Ei Samay Young Scholars Talent Search Exam 2017 for Kolkata School Students

Posted in on August 12, 2017

Description :

A Common Aptitude Test would be conducted to select the best 100 students of ‘Eisamay Atmadeep Young Scholars.’ This assessment would be conducted to check the students’ Analytical Skills, Verbal Ability, General Knowledge and Science Aptitude. The uniqueness of every child would help them achieve distinguished targets in the future. This Aptitude Test would help them to identify their inclination in gathering information regarding various topics, be creative and emerge as the best.

A selection test will be conducted among 15 schools in Kolkata to identify the top 100 students of ‘Eisamay Atmadeep Young Scholars.’ The subject of the assessment is very simple. The common topics on which these assessments would be conducted are reasoning, mathematics, creative thinking, creativity and command over the language. In 60 minutes, a student has to answer 80 questions based on multiple choices. There is no negative marking. But if any student misses to answer any question then he/she would not get any marks for the same. The questions would be randomly arranged and not following any particular order.

  • Vocabulary and Grammatical Aptitude Test: The student’s verbal ability would be examined. Some common areas which would be covered in the questions would be finding out antonym-synonym, tenses, number, fill in the blanks etc. Language is one of the most important tools to express our thoughts and expressions. The student’s ability to express would be assessed with the help of this examination.
  • Mathematical and Logical Reasoning Aptitude Test: : In this section, the student’s aptitude for mathematics would be judged. The logical reasoning behind resolving an issue would be examined. Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry would also form a part in the questions. There would be some questions where you would have to follow various steps to conclude the answer.
  • Creative Aptitude Test: The purpose of this test is to determine the participant’s creative ability, convergent thinking, divergent thinking, self-assessment etc. Divergent thinking covers a participant’s ability to describe a particular situation in a new way or to find an exclusive resolution to a situation. Through convergent thinking, we can view the different aspects of a particular problem and find a specific resolution to it. We can interpret creative aptitude through different artistic products like literature, painting, music composition, etc.
  • General Awareness Aptitude Test: The general knowledge of a particular student is assessed in this section. Apart from the usual subjects, general awareness of what is happening in and around would be asked. Students are also examined upon their knowledge in current affairs. This section will consist of questions based on how much information you collect from newspapers, magazines and news channels.

Important Dates:

  • Last day for Online Registration: August 25, 2017
  • Aptitude test would be conducted: August 27, 2017

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