One Word Substitution for Competitive Exams

Posted in on February 24, 2016

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One Word Substitution is helpful for preparing various Entrance Exams, G.K Contest and Competitive Exams & other Exams. Here is a collection of a few One Word Substitutions.

Ability to read and write – Literacy

Without making any payment – Gratis

Incapable of being seen through – Opaque

That which is perceptible by touch – Tangible

One who is in charge of a museum – Curator

One who loves book – Bibliophile

One who copies from other writers – Plagiarist

Which cannot be avoided – Inevitable

One who questions everything – Cynic

One who is unmarried – Celibate

A game in which no one wins – Draw

The study of derivation of words – Etymology

A thing no longer in use – Obsolete

One who is greedy for money – A Veracious

Highly attractive and able to arouse hope or desire – Alluring

Money or property brought by a woman to her husband at marriage – Dowry

A person with the same name as another – Namesake

An act of mass destruction and loss of life – Holocaust

The right and power to interpret and apply the law – Jurisdiction

The study or activity of growing garden plants – Horticulture

Someone who enjoys or is good at talking with people – Conversationalist

Someone who attempts to be united with GOD through prayer – Saint

Very confident in behavior, or intended to be noticed, especially by being brightly colored –Flamboyant

The tailoring of globally produced products to make them suitable to local tastes and needs –Localization

Systematic killing of a racial or cultural group – Genocide

A mournful poem written on the death of someone loved and lost – Elegy

Longing for something past – Nostalgia

An inclination to do kind or charitable acts – Benevolence

Commencement of words with the same letter – Alliteration

Anything written in a letter after it is signed – Postscript

A person who believes that pleasure is the chief good – Hedonist

Belief or opinion contrary to what is generally accepted – Heresy

Medicine which lessen pain – Anodyne

Decision that cannot be taken back – Irrevocable

A place where money is coined – Mint

The study of mankind – Anthropology

Having superior or intellectual interest and tastes – Elite

A person who come to country from his own country- Immigrant

One too strong to be defeated- Invincible

One who brilliant performer on the stage- Virtuoso

A lover of good food-Gourmet

A cure for all disease- Panacea

A person working in the same place with another – Colleague

One who draws maps – Cartographer

A love of mankind- Altruist

One who unable to pay- Bankrupt

A person who blindly devoted to an idea- Chauvinist

A critical judge of any art and craft- Connoisseur

Not serious in arts, science and literature– Dilettante

One who runs away from justice- Fugitive

(By Satya Ranjan Mohanty)

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